2005 04/06

The sweetest sound I’ve ever heard

So today was our second doctor’s visit. Well, first I guess, since the very first one was just a consultation. I can say with confidence that this was the best doctor’s appointment ever. Let me indulge you with the details!

First, it all started off with them taking my weight, which I normally dread! This day was wonderfully different. As I stepped on the scale, the nurse said, “Oh, you’ve lost weight.” Excuse me, what was that? I’ve lost weight??? I thought for sure I would weight 200lbs because I feel like a big ol’ cow these days.

Then we went into the exam room where I uncomfortably awaited the physical. However, because I just had a full exam in February, my nurse practitioner just had to check a few things and I was done. Plus, all my blood work and tests came back great! How could this appointment get any better?!?

Then, it happened. It was the most precious, beautiful sound I have ever heard. Swish, swish, swish, swish. At a 166 beats per minute, that was my baby’s heartbeat. It was amazing. I just wanted to freeze time and listen to that sweet sound forever. Since I couldn’t freeze time, Tim video taped the nurse finding the heartbeat! I love modern technology!!

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