2005 28/08

Little kicks

24 Weeks Tim has officially felt the power behind Abigail’s little feet! Or at least he said he did. I’ve been feeling her kick for a few weeks now, but it wasn’t until the other morning that Tim got to feel it. It was a pretty cool moment. We had our monthly doctor’s visit the […]

2005 22/08

Permission to sale

23 Weeks For the past few months I have avoided purchasing things for the baby. I’ve gotten a few small things from people and bought a frame for the ultrasound picture (my sworn only gift for myself). I didn’t really feel drawn to purchasing baby clothes or items for some reason. But now that I […]

2005 20/08

Pink or Blue?

23 Weeks So we decided to find out the sex of the little bambino. Turns out, the bambino is a bambina! That would be a girl. Yup, we are having a little baby girl and her name is Abigail Rose Heneveld. Lucky for us, being the tech genius that my husband is, we were able […]

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