2005 28/08

Little kicks

24 Weeks

Tim has officially felt the power behind Abigail’s little feet! Or at least he said he did. I’ve been feeling her kick for a few weeks now, but it wasn’t until the other morning that Tim got to feel it. It was a pretty cool moment. We had our monthly doctor’s visit the other day as well and everything seems to be continuing on just fine.

On a different note, our basement is also coming along. Walls are painted, flooring is all in! It’s almost livable now. We need to do some trim work, put the bead board up in the bedroom, get a toilet, sink and lighting for the bathroom, and order countertops and cabinets for the kitchenette. Sounds like a lot but it’s just small jobs here and there that we need to do. Unfortunately though, we just don’t seem to find the time to actually do it. With gas prices still on the rise, we may stick close to home for Labor Day weekend and use that as a good work weekend! We’ll see though. Did I mention that motivation has also been a problem lately?

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