2005 22/08

Permission to sale

23 Weeks

For the past few months I have avoided purchasing things for the baby. I’ve gotten a few small things from people and bought a frame for the ultrasound picture (my sworn only gift for myself). I didn’t really feel drawn to purchasing baby clothes or items for some reason. But now that I know the sex of the baby, it’s like someone opened up the shopping gates and has released me into the wonderful world of baby shopping!

My #1 weakness: SALES! I love a good deal. Combine that with my newly discovered joy of shopping for my little Abigail….well, I can’t be held responsible for my actions! I ended up at Carters’ today, where they were have a wonderful sale on baby clothes. I just couldn’t help myself from buying some adorable clothes for the baby. My favorite — some cute jean overalls!

But before Tim checks me in to “over-shoppers anonymous,” I’ve promised him that I would not buy any more baby stuff. I think though, after seeing his reaction to how stinkin’ cute those clothes were, I might have to worry about him wanting to buy more baby stuff. He’s such a softy. This little girl already has him wrapped around his her finger!

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