2005 20/08

Pink or Blue?

23 Weeks

So we decided to find out the sex of the little bambino. Turns out, the bambino is a bambina! That would be a girl. Yup, we are having a little baby girl and her name is Abigail Rose Heneveld. Lucky for us, being the tech genius that my husband is, we were able to hook our video camera right into the ultrasound machine and catch our first glimpses of Abigail on video. It is so amazing. You can check out the video or pictures. Many of you may have recalled that I was convinced for the past 3 months that I was having a boy, while TIm was certain it was a girl. So much for a mother’s intuition!

It’s so fun to have a name and identity to the little motion in my body. I’m beginning to feel quite a bit of movement now and, every once in a while, have movements that you can feel from the outside. Once they are more consistent, Tim will get to feel our little soccer player too. Besides the random movements in my abdomen and the inconvenient back pains, I’m feeling pretty good.

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