2005 30/10

Sleepless nights

33 Weeks Let me just start out by saying that is 5:20am on Sunday morning! 5-stinkin’ am and I can’t fall back asleep. This has been my battle for the past few weeks now. I get up to pee around 4 or 5am and then spend the next hour or so thinking about all of […]

2005 11/10

My little gymnast

30.5 Weeks I swear this child will come out of me doing back-flips! She was so active the other night. I think she has positioned herself with her head down and feet up towards my ribs. She likes to give mommy a few little kicks in the ribs and diaphragm every once in a while. […]

2005 09/10

How can people be so rude?

30 Weeks It is simply amazing to me how some people, especially women, can say some of the rudest things to a pregnant woman! Thankfully I haven’t had to endure many of those comments and usually only get the “you just wait and see” comments when I tell them that I am not going to […]

2005 02/10

Officially Fall

29 Weeks Well, it’s officially fall. I can’t say that I’m too disappointed because I love the change of the seasons and I love Fall! I just wish it would last longer. My favorite season and it goes by so quickly. We’re continuing to work on our basement. We are in the process of doing […]

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