2005 09/10

How can people be so rude?

30 Weeks

It is simply amazing to me how some people, especially women, can say some of the rudest things to a pregnant woman! Thankfully I haven’t had to endure many of those comments and usually only get the “you just wait and see” comments when I tell them that I am not going to use drugs during labor. Yup, you’ve got it….no drugs for this little mamma! I really want to do this as natural as possible. Some people say that you NEED the epidural to truly enjoy labor. I feel that the benefits of going drug free out weight the benefits of using drugs, so I’m ok with enduring a few hours of pain and misery for those results. I have decided to use some relaxation techniques and we are going to have a Doula (labor assistant) in the room with us.

So back to the rude comments. This all started when I had my doctors visit the other week. We ended up seeing the OB’s nurse and she was the nurse from hell. I kid you not! She was so rude to me and made some of the most asinine comments ever. I blew most of them off until she told me I should cut my food intake down so as not to gain much more weight. Excuse me….you want a pregnant woman to go on a diet? What universe are you from? I was so offended. It is not like I am gaining tons of weight; I’m right where I should be. And is the more important thing here that I am healthy and the baby is healthy? Her only basis on that comment, from what I could understand anyways, was that it would be easier for me to loose the weight if I didn’t gain too much. Ummm, I think you should let me worry about loosing the weight girly!!

Then I was talking with my friend Sarah who is due 6 weeks after me. That poor girl has to deal with a lot more people than I do on an average day and thus gets dealt a lot of rude comments. I felt so bad for her. Let me just set the record straight here…NO ONE has the right to make a negative comment to a pregnant woman! I don’t care if you were pregnant once, or ten times, yourself. You are not given a free pass to tell a pregnant woman to watch her weight, they shouldn’t eat desert, or to exercise more. Sorry, that pass is officially taken away! GRRRR!!!

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