2005 11/10

My little gymnast

30.5 Weeks

I swear this child will come out of me doing back-flips! She was so active the other night. I think she has positioned herself with her head down and feet up towards my ribs. She likes to give mommy a few little kicks in the ribs and diaphragm every once in a while. This girl is going for the cold metal…watch for her in the Olympics some day!

Everything else seems to be going well. Saw the nurse from hell again yesterday and she seemed to be having a better day so she was not quite so mean to me. Our basement is coming along nicely. We are trimming fools, Tim and I! I sand and stain/paint the trim and he measures, cuts, and installs. Quite the team. Potentially we could have the basement and bathroom trimmed in by the end of this week. The living room is almost done as well. The hallway has some work to be done and the kitchen will be a while because we need to order the cabinets first. We’ve got more tile work to do on the ledge and the little art areas in the kitchen so it’s definitely not finished by any means, but it’s so close!! It feels so good to almost have that thing finished!!

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