2005 02/10

Officially Fall

29 Weeks

Well, it’s officially fall. I can’t say that I’m too disappointed because I love the change of the seasons and I love Fall! I just wish it would last longer. My favorite season and it goes by so quickly.

We’re continuing to work on our basement. We are in the process of doing the trim, which is more of a process than I had thought it would be. Since we are doing everything ourselves, we need to measure, cut, sand, stain/paint, and install all the trim. I have realized that I have taken trim for granted all these years and never realized the work that goes into it! What bugs me about doing this project ourselves are the comments from people — “You’re still not finished with your basement….I thought you were going to be finished by now!” People do not realize the TIME and MONEY that goes into a project like this. Back off people! I’m pregnant and want this done more than anyone and it will get done when t gets done.

On the pregnancy side of life, things are going well. We’ve registered at Toy’s R Us/Babies R Us, Target, and USA Baby. We’ve also purchased our stroller and continue to buy diapers when I have coupons or they are on sale. The closet in Abbi’s room is getting pretty full, since it is still our storage area until the basement is finished. We are also taking our parenting class now. Tomorrow is week 3 of 5. It’s going really well! I’m sure there will be more stories to come from that!

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