2005 30/10

Sleepless nights

33 Weeks

Let me just start out by saying that is 5:20am on Sunday morning! 5-stinkin’ am and I can’t fall back asleep. This has been my battle for the past few weeks now. I get up to pee around 4 or 5am and then spend the next hour or so thinking about all of the things that I could be doing or the things that need to be done before Abbi is born, convincing myself that I’m still tired, to push through the insanity, and to go back to sleep. It usually works and I get another hour or two of sleep before getting up for the day. Today this was not the case. My restless mind has won over my tired body and now I sit here in front of the computer….rambling.

I thought about writing about all of the stuff we need/want to get done before Abbi is born but decided that I would much rather write about the baby shower I had last weekend, hoping to get my mind off of all of the “to do”s.

My friend Tara (we’ll call her “little Martha Stewart”) threw me a baby shower last weekend at her house. It was quite fun and was quite the hodgepodge of guests. I was worried on how everyone would interact since their only obvious common bond was me. But they all did great and I did not feel overwhelmed playing hostess. We ate some very yummy cake (which I paid for the rest of that day) and I (we) got some very fun gifts. I thought about taking pictures of some of the gifts and putting them on here, but that is as far as I got…thinking about doing it. We did get our pack-n-play, some great necessities, fun girly stuff, and a very cool blanket that one of Tim’s friends made for us. It has little embroidered teddy bears on it and has Abbi’s name embroidered on it. Very cool! I’m sure it will become her “blanky” for a long time.

My family is having another shower for me next weekend that I am pumped about. We are also going to go shopping for our crib and changing table next weekend. Right now I have all of the baby stuff packed away in the closet so it just doesn’t seem real that in a few weeks we could be brining home this little girl. I think once we have the crib set up, I will no longer be able to deny that fact. It is weird to think that my office will soon be Abbi’s bedroom. Don’t get me wrong, I’m extremely excited but also so curious and anxious of what is to come.

Well, not that I am any more tired or have any chance to going back to sleep, but I should end this post. I have a very needy kitten trying to make room for herself on my very small lap. Happy Daylight Savings!

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