2005 29/11

Bored at work

37 Weeks You would think that I would have tons to do at work, preparing to be gone for a while when Abbi is born, but No! I’m bored out of my stinkin’ mind. I’m pretty well caught up on everything I need to get done right now. Plus I need to leave something for […]

2005 22/11

Knock-knock, come out and play

36 Weeks So, I’m ready. Yup, ready for Abbi to come on out! I’m not super uncomfortable yet, but getting there. I’m more just anxious and really excited to see Tim become a daddy! He’s going to be such a good dad. Plus, we pretty much have everything we need now, so we’re ready! That […]

2005 15/11

Contractions are no fun

35 Weeks For the past two days I have been having contractions like crazy! Nothing regular or painful, just annoying! Between Abbi squirming around in there and the contractions, I have yet to be comfortable! I know I shouldn’t complain because I’m sure these are nothing compared to what labor will be like, but I’m […]

2005 14/11


35 Weeks I’ve officially hit the nesting phase of pregnancy. I thought I might just by-pass this phase since I was going to keep working right up until birth but I have fallen victim! It all came about when I had a day off the other week and got so frustrated because I kept thinking […]

2005 05/11

Morning ramblings

34 Weeks Alas, it is November! I can’t believe I have been pregnant for nearly 8 months, that Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner, and that Tim’s brother-in-law (Rusty) will be returning from the war in just a few short weeks. As sad as I am to know that Winter is quickly approaching, […]

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