2005 15/11

Contractions are no fun

35 Weeks

For the past two days I have been having contractions like crazy! Nothing regular or painful, just annoying! Between Abbi squirming around in there and the contractions, I have yet to be comfortable! I know I shouldn’t complain because I’m sure these are nothing compared to what labor will be like, but I’m pregnant and have every right to complain! Not to mention that this rainy weather is making me super tired and not wanting to do a darn thing!

On a side note, check back soon because I may be posting a picture of me pregnant! We haven’t taken any pictures of me pregnant yet and Tim keeps bringing it up. So, before it’s too late, I think we may take a picture of my large, stretch-marked belly. People keep telling me that I will want it for memories. Yeah, like I’m going to forget this large, uncomfortable, itchy, always-in-the-way belly! Despite my negativity today, I really have enjoyed being pregnant. Don’t let my bad attitude fool you!

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