2005 22/11

Knock-knock, come out and play

36 Weeks

So, I’m ready. Yup, ready for Abbi to come on out! I’m not super uncomfortable yet, but getting there. I’m more just anxious and really excited to see Tim become a daddy! He’s going to be such a good dad. Plus, we pretty much have everything we need now, so we’re ready! That reminds me…this is a plea to all of you: Please, if you are contemplating buying Abbi anything, PLEASE DO NOT BUY HER CLOTHES! At least refrain buying any clothes 0-3 months. This girl has a closet full (and I mean FULL) of clothes. She could wear a different outfit everyday for the first 3 months of life and never repeat an outfit. No joke!

On the non-pregnacy related side of life…Tim had a horrible experience with the dentist last week! He was in terrible pain and out of commission all of last week. It just really drove home to me that there is a reason why I am the one going through labor and not Tim! Enough said. Also, Tim’s brother-in-law is coming home on Thanksgiving! We are so excited. He’s been over in Iraq for the past year and is now returning home! What a great gift for Thanksgiving!

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