2005 05/11

Morning ramblings

34 Weeks

Alas, it is November! I can’t believe I have been pregnant for nearly 8 months, that Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner, and that Tim’s brother-in-law (Rusty) will be returning from the war in just a few short weeks. As sad as I am to know that Winter is quickly approaching, I must say that this has been a beautiful way to start November. The weather has been great all week….in the 60s, sunny, a little breezy to get that “fall feeling”. Unfortunately I was sick two days this week and missed out on enjoying this phenomenal weather, so hopefully it will trickle into next week as well.

Besides getting sick on my very anticipated trip to IKEA in Chicago, things have been going well. Can you believe that I would get sick at such an important time as an IKEA trip. I had such high hopes of getting all this cool stuff for our basement but, instead, spent most of the day laying in the van and throwing up into grocery bags. I know, sounds fun! So very disappointing!

On the up side of things, Tim and I are heading over to my parents’ house today to see my family, go crib shopping, and for the baby shower they are having for me tomorrow. I’m a little disappointed on how many of my friends and family that are bailing on the shower. I know they have lives and stuff to do, but it saddens me to know that I probably won’t see them again until this Spring or Summer. Regardless of who is there, it will be fun and I’ll get to spend some time with my mom. There have been times during this pregnancy that I wish she had lived next door or just down the street. There is nothing like being with your mom when you aren’t feeling well or just had a rough day. No one can replace that.

Did I mention that it’s another early morning? I had pretty bad heart burn last night and woke-up at 6am with it still burning in my chest and throat. So, I decided to get up and try a glass of milk. So far, so good. I might try to go back to bed for another hour, as I know that I will need lots of energy for this weekend.

Last thing, I promise! We (Tim and I) are officially a “one vehicle family.” Yup, we turned the Jeep in earlier this week. It was a lease that had finished out it’s term, so we had the option of buying it out and having another car payment, or turn it back in. With really trying to get our finances in order and clear up some of our debt, we decided to see how it would work to have one vehicle until we could save up enough cash to buy Tim a used truck. It will mean quite a bit of sacrifice and planning on both of our parts (probably a little more mine than his) but we’ve got 3 days behind us and it’s worked so far! Pray for us! :)

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