2005 14/11


35 Weeks

I’ve officially hit the nesting phase of pregnancy. I thought I might just by-pass this phase since I was going to keep working right up until birth but I have fallen victim! It all came about when I had a day off the other week and got so frustrated because I kept thinking of all this stuff I wanted to do around the house but didn’t know where to begin. So, I made “THE LIST.” I wrote down all of the things I want to do before Abbi is born and all of the things we still need to buy. I actually have direction now. I’ve got 3/4 of the things crossed off of the “To Do” list which is really nice.

The big item on “the list” was to get my home office moved downstairs and Abbi’s room set-up. I’m actually really close to having that accomplished. We just need to move the bookcase downstairs and buy a changing table. Then my office will completely be downstairs and I can put away all of the baby stuff that is crammed into the closet. Of course we would survive if this did not happen before Abbi’s born, thanks to my parents! They came over Sunday to bring us our crib, help set it up, and move my desk and junk downstairs. What a huge weight off my shoulders to have that done!

So picture, if you will, me as a plump birdie sitting in my almost-complete nest, happily just adding little twigs here and there to make it that much more complete!

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