2005 23/12

One more thing to do

As if I don’t have enough to take care of around the house, I was so wonderfully awaken this morning by a puking kitten. My little Melody sometimes has an issue with eating. I’m not sure if she eats too much or eats too quickly. Regardless it results in a sick kitten. So, after another […]

2005 23/12

Even Scrooge got a Christmas gift

Because Abbi came early we had not yet gotten our Christmas tree, baked Christmas cookies, decorated the house, or shopped for Christmas presents. And, because I value my 20 minute naps when I can get them, we decided to opt out of all of those Christmas traditions. I know, we’re Scrooges or Grinches or whatever. […]

2005 22/12

My baby is 3 weeks old

Happy 3 week birthday Abbi! You’re getting so big and changing so much. Soon you’ll be off to kindergarden, going to prom, getting married, and having your own baby!

2005 18/12

So much for due dates

Well, today is Abbi’s official “due date.” It’s weird to think that I could have still been pregnant right now. Instead, I have this beautiful baby girl. I’m glad to not be pregnant any more. It’s nice to be able to move around more comfortably and not have to pee all the time. Although I […]

2005 14/12

A new adventure

So, if you don’t know yet, I am a new mom! Two weeks ago I was in the hospital in labor. It is amazing how much she has changed in almost 2 weeks. We’re slowly getting used to her schedule and she’s slowly learning the concept of sleeping at night and being awake during the […]

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