2005 23/12

Even Scrooge got a Christmas gift

Because Abbi came early we had not yet gotten our Christmas tree, baked Christmas cookies, decorated the house, or shopped for Christmas presents. And, because I value my 20 minute naps when I can get them, we decided to opt out of all of those Christmas traditions. I know, we’re Scrooges or Grinches or whatever. But let me remind you that neither TIm nor I have slept more than an hour or two at a time in 3 weeks.

I thought it would be disappointed not to have a Christmas tree up this year but I’m really ok with it. It’s nice to know that I don’t have to clean up pine needles for the next 3 months. Plus, I spend most of the day in our bedroom and wouldn’t be out enjoying the tree all that much. One tradition I hope we still keep is driving around at night to see all the Christmas lights and decorations. Abbi likes to be in the car so I don’t think she’ll mind. Hopefully we’ll do that tonight!

Ok, so you’re wondering about the “gift” thing…Well, even though we have been total Scrooges this year, that didn’t stop us from buying out Christmas gift to each other (Tim and I). Yes, Abbi was quite the Christmas gift this year but we decided to do one more thing. We have officially moved back into the world of 2 cars! Yup, I’m no longer stranded at home. We bought a MINI VAN! It’s true that I’ve been resistant to the Mini Van idea for quite some time now. I’m too young to drive a mini. However, with Abbi, the mini van just makes sense. Now we have lots of room to travel and I can crawl into the back seat with her if she starts fussing (can’t really do that on the road in the Passat). So Merry Christmas to us….I’m a soccer mom!

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