2006 22/02

A blast from the past

I really hope my older sister reads this entry because I know that she will get a kick out of it!

First let me give you a little history:  When I was younger my older sister would baby-sit us when my parents were at work.  One day she decided to make Spaghetti Os for lunch.  I explained to her that I did not like Spaghetti Os.  She said “Yes you do, now eat them!”  I continued to explain that if I were forced to eat them that I might throw-up.  She simply replied that if I did not eat them that I would not be allowed to leave the table. Not wanting to sit at the table all day, I reluctantly began to eat my lunch.  Five bites later, I threw-up all over the kitchen table!  Now, I’m not saying that the Spaghetti Os made me sick.  I would dare say that I forced myself to throw-up.  Yup, I was a stubborn child!

Fast forward now to today.  I decided that I might like to try some Spaghetti Os for lunch.  I had bought a few cans because Tim likes them.  So, I dished them into the pan, heated them up, and began eating them.  Five bites later I decided that I still did not like Spaghetti Os.  I tossed the rest in the trash and made a sandwich.

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