2006 12/02

Praise the Lord for sleep

So Abbi has moved into this wonderful phase called “Sleeping through the night!”  For the most part anyhow.  This past week she has gone to sleep around 10pm or 11pm and woke up for her next feeding at 5 or 6am.  It is wonderful.   Tim doesn’t consider it “sleeping through the night” unless she goes to bed when Daddy goes to bed and doesn’t get up until Daddy gets up or later.  I told him that she wouldn’t be doing that for quite a while.

I’ve also began working on Abbi’s baby book.  I’ve boycotted the typical baby book that you buy at the store and decided to create my own using iPhoto.  Why?  Because, when looking at the commercial baby books, I found that they all had a lot of pages that I would never do anything with and thought it would be silly to have all of those unused pages.  My iPhoto book will be professionally printed by Apple and I’m writing all of the little captions and stories from Abbi’s point of view.  I’ve gone from pre-birth to her 2 month stuff.  My goal is to keep doing it until her 1st birthday.  So far it’s been fun.  Since I’m not a big scrapbooker, I’m hoping that this will work for me.  I’ve done two iPhoto books already of trips we’ve taken and I love them!  I’m also going to start making cards and calendars.  Tim’s going to have to work overtime to support my iPhoto habit!


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