2006 12/03

Hair today, gone tomorrow

When you get pregnant you have all of these hormones increasing in your body and some of these hormones affect your hair growth — your hair may grow faster, go straight or go wavy, and gets thicker.  All of these changes were great!  But, now that I am no longer pregnant, my hair as been falling out by the handfuls!  Not that I wouldn’t mind having thinner hair (my hair has always been thick).  Seriously though, I’m worried about baldness at this point!  Every time I wash my hair, brush my hair, pull it back into a ponytail, I loose handfuls and handfuls of hair!  It is disgusting

On the Abbi front, she is changing every day!  She has now discovered her fingers.  She likes to grab the fingers on one had with the other hand and likes to suck on her fingers, or whole fist.  She also likes to find the one or two hairs that didn’t make it back into my pony tail and hold on tight.  OUCH!  We are also figuring out, slowly, this napping/sleeping thing.  As strange as it sounds, the more that she sleeps during the day, the more she sleeps at night.  I thought at first that she may be getting too much sleep but everything I’ve read says that babies need that much sleep.  And who am I to argue about my child sleeping more?  She also thinks she’s hot stuff when she sits up with little assistance  or stands up while holding on to my fingers.  I keep telling her to slow down, mom’s not ready for her to grow up!


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