2006 29/03


This past weekend my parents came for a little visit so we took them up to Frederick Meijer Gardens to see the butterflies and sculptures.  Each year the Gardens have hundreds of butterflies from around the world hatch in their indoor garden.  It’s quite something.  These very beautiful butterflies, with the most vibrant colors, flutter around you and, sometimes, land on you.  Tim had one land right on his nose and then his collar.  I was kind of glad that one did not land on me because I think their little legs crawling on me would creep me out.  I was a little worried how Abbi would react if one had landed on her.  She has a tendency to insert everything into her mouth these days and I didn’t want to see her get a mouth full of butterfly!

My personal highlight for the day was to see Abbi in her sun glasses.  She didn’t even mind wearing them.  It makes me that much more excited about summer and having her in her bathing suit and flip flops.  Yup, I’m a nerd!


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