2006 03/03

She’s my baby & I’ll laugh if I want to

I believe, that as her mother, I have the honor…no, the privilege….no, the right to dress my daughter up in funny clothes and take pictures of her looking absolutely pathetic!  Doesn’t she though?  You just want to squeeze those chubby cheeks!  They are very kissable cheeks but you have to be quick with your kisses because she likes to kiss back.  Yup, she likes to attack you with her mouth wide open and drool oozing everywhere!  Very fun!

One thing I’ve discovered about motherhood that I do not like is not knowing what is “wrong” with my baby girl.  She has been extra fussy lately and fighting sleep.  I’m not sure if she’s fighting a cold, teething, or just having a hard time passing gas.  This kid is the gassiest child I’ve ever seen.  When she starts ripping them, she could make a truck driver blush!  Serious gas power!  Anyhow, I just wish I knew what was causing all this crankiness so we could fix it and move on!

Today we spent some quality time together, just the three of us.  We went to the Home Show in  Grand Rapids.  Lots of remodeling and home improvement ideas.  But the best part was this cd that I bought for Abbi.  It is a Veggie Tales cd that is personalized for Abbi.  The Veggie Tale characters incorporate Abbi’s name into their songs.  It is the cutest thing ever!  Right now it is more enjoyable for me but one day Abbi will love it too.


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