2006 28/04

Yummy! Yummy!

Abbi had her first food yesterday….well, besides the bottle.  She actually liked the rice cereal and did very well eating it.   She’s been very curious when she sees me drink or eat something or even brush my teeth.  I figured it might be time to test the waters on food.  After a few bites […]

2006 27/04

Abbi’s Dedication

This past Sunday we had Abbi dedicated at church.  It was quite something as they had 16 children being dedicated.  It was probably the noisiest service they’ve ever had!  I guess that is why they did not do it during the regular service and had a separate service for the dedications! I think it is […]

2006 21/04

Poop! Poop Everywhere!

The funniest thing happened last night as we were getting Abbi ready for her bath.  Tim did not find the situation amusing but I, on the other hand, thought it was hilarious!  To preface the story, yesterday was supposed to be a “poop day” for Abbi and she had not yet pooped.  As I was […]

2006 17/04

Happy Easter

I love Easter!  I feel like Easter is the official start of Spring!  I love it!  This is a picture of a little bunny who was hopping around our front entry last week.  He had a little girlfriend who was there as well. We had a really good Easter weekend.  Saturday Tim went golfing while […]

2006 10/04

Everyone’s Opinion

It amazes me the opinions and advice you are so freely given by others after you have a baby.  I’m convinced that this phenomenon does not stop after your first child.  Nor is it limited to children.  Isn’t it funny how we just freely give our advice to others, no matter what the topic or […]

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