2006 27/04

Abbi’s Dedication

This past Sunday we had Abbi dedicated at church.  It was quite something as they had 16 children being dedicated.  It was probably the noisiest service they’ve ever had!  I guess that is why they did not do it during the regular service and had a separate service for the dedications!

I think it is a parent’s biggest fear that their child will do something embarrassing during a big moment like that.  I was no exception.  Abbi had just scarfed down a bottle before the service so I was terrified that she would spit-up all over Pastor Paul while we were on stage.  But my girl was a champ and kept all of the formula down in her belly!

Check back for some pictures of the dedication (I will post them once I receive them from my mom…..photographer extraordinaire).  Also, be checking back next week for some Tulip Time pictures.  Papa bought Abbi her first pair of wooden shoes this weekend!  SO CUTE!


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