2006 03/04


This picture shows you the drool that has become a permanent fixture on Abbi’s face. I feel like I am constantly wiping drool from her mouth, chin, cheeks, and hands.  About a month ago I felt a small bump on her top gum and thought for sure that we were on the verge of a tooth.  However, to my dismay, I was told that babies can show signs of those top teeth for months before they actually pop through.  She will most likely get her two bottom teeth before one of those top teeth come in.  Basically I have have a good year or two of drool ahead of me.

Besides fighting the drool, we are fighting the strong will of this child.  She had never really liked to go to sleep but she has taken it to new lengths now.  This child fights sleep as though it is her personal mission in life not to sleep!  I have the patience to deal with it most days.  However, it does get frustrating when you can’t reason with her about it.  “Abbi, if you just take your nap now, then we can play this afternoon and you’ll be much happier.”  “Abbi, mommy and daddy are going to bed soon too so you should go to bed.”  She just stares at you and begins whining, “I don’t need sleep!  Sleep is bad!”  (that is my translation of her whining)  My only hope that I am desperately holding on to is that it can’t last forever….right??


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