2006 02/04

Spring Cleaning

I think it is an unspoken rule that once you become a mom you live for Spring Cleaning.  See, I never really liked cleaning, and, the truth is, I still don’t like cleaning.  However, once Spring hit this year, I was eager to begin my Spring cleaning.  I spent 2 1/2 days last week really cleaning my house:  washing cabinets, re-organizing everything, windows, floors, showers, etc.  Nothing was safe from my cleaning rampage.  And by my side was my trusty side-kick:  The Dyson!

Tim surprised me last week with this lovely Dyson vacuum cleaner.  Isn’t she beautiful?  I’ve wanted a Dyson for a long time and, when our vacuum cleaner took a turn for the worse, my dream came true.  We’ve had our current vacuum cleaner since I’ve known Tim (7+ years) and she’s proven to be a good little vacuum.  But it is time to let her rest and bring in some new blood.  Now, I know a vacuum is a vacuum, so what is all the fuss about?  Let me just tell you, the Dyson worked wonders in my house.  It is such a pain with all the hair from the cats and me, but the Dyson handled it like a champ!  Huge fan, HUGE!

I would have taken a picture of my nicely cleaned house to post with this entry but, of course, it is back to it’s usual state — complete with cat toys and Abbi toys scattered through out the living room and bedrooms.  Ah, home, sweet home!

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