2006 07/04

Stupid Daylight Savings

I didn’t realize how much the time change would affect Abbi’s sleep schedule!  We “sprung forward” an hour this past Sunday and, since then, Abbi’s naps have been so messed up.  We were doing so well with her naps and now it’s as though we’re starting all over.  Every nap is a battle.  Actually Monday & Tuesday were wonderful — Abbi went down for her afternoon naps in her crib with no fuss!  I honestly thought I was dreaming.  Then I woke up!  Wednesday & Thursday she fought so hard not to nap.  I’m really hoping she gets back on schedule today.

One wonderful change this past week was our bedtime ritual.  We really didn’t have one before.  We just changed her diaper, fed her a bottle and then rocked her as she screamed and squirmed until she fell asleep from exhaustion.  The other night I decided to give her a bath before bed, then Tim fed her a bottle, rocked her, and she fell instantly to sleep with no fuss.  Hmmmm.  We did it again the next night and, again, sleep with no fuss.  So, every night this week we’ve gone through this routine and it has worked.  It makes the evening so wonderful when she goes to sleep with no fuss.  She’s also been going to bed between 6:30p and 7:30p.  She still gets up once between 4a & 5a for a feeding, but then goes back to bed until 7a or 8a.  It has been so nice. After all, a well-rested mommy is a happy mommy, is a patient mommy, is a better mommy (and wife)!

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