2006 28/04

Yummy! Yummy!

Abbi had her first food yesterday….well, besides the bottle.  She actually liked the rice cereal and did very well eating it.   She’s been very curious when she sees me drink or eat something or even brush my teeth.  I figured it might be time to test the waters on food.  After a few bites she got the hang of letting the spoon go into her mouth, rather than trying to suck the food off of the spoon when it touched her lips.  She actually ate the entire serving size that they recommended on the box for a first feeding.   Oh, my little piglet!  Towards the end of the feeding she was grabbing on to my hand and the spoon, as to say “Yup mom, I got it.  I can take over from here.”  Oh no you can’t!  Mommy is not ready for you to grow up yet!

Speaking of growing up….she’s 5 months old now!  I can’t believe it!  She’s doing so well on sitting up by herself and I have no doubt that she will be crawling soon.  I’m convinced that she will crawl before she ever rolls over.  Yup, my 5 month old still hasn’t rolled over.  She just has no desire to do it.  She’s content being on her back or her belly and has no desire to find out what is like to move from one to the other.  If she’s not rolling over by the time she’s 12, I think I might get her checked out!


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