2006 30/05

The long weekend

We had a really good Memorial Day weekend.  The weather was great — sunny and in the high 80s all weekend! With so much to do and our vacation being just around the corner, we decided to stick close to home this holiday weekend.  Saturday we worked on the 15th Street house all day and […]

2006 25/05

It’s about time

Just shy of turning six months old and she finally rolls over!  Of course no one actually saw the big event.  Last night I put her to bed on her belly (yes, she sleeps on her belly…save the “tisk, tisks”) and, to my surprise, she was on her back when I went to get her […]

2006 24/05

Where did I go wrong?

Abbi was doing so well with sleeping through the night and going down for her naps.  It was like I was dreaming because it was all so wonderful.  And then, out of the blue, someone came and pinched me…hard and mean and I don’t like it!  Abbi has decided to wake up earlier and earlier […]

2006 18/05

Hooray for the Hippies

Thanks to the wonderful DVR that we had installed yesterday, I really did have my cake and eat it too!  I was able to watch Lost on the projector downstairs with Tim, his sister, and her family.  After they left Tim and I were able to watch the season finale of Amazing Race, which I […]

2006 16/05

What was she thinking?

Well, Britney has put herself in the news once again.  Last month she was photographed driving her SUV with her baby on her lap in the driver’s seat.  Her excuse was that she was wanting to escape from the paparazzi.  Then there were rumors of her son taking a fall after his highchair collapsed.  Now, […]

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