2006 18/05

Hooray for the Hippies

Thanks to the wonderful DVR that we had installed yesterday, I really did have my cake and eat it too!  I was able to watch Lost on the projector downstairs with Tim, his sister, and her family.  After they left Tim and I were able to watch the season finale of Amazing Race, which I had recorded on the DVR.  No commercials…it was a beautiful thing!

Not only did I get my cake and eat it too, but I got to lick the pan!  The ever lovable Hippies won the million dollars!  There could not have been a more deserving team this season.  They had fun at every task, helped out other teams when they could, and, when the going got tough, they laughed!  After coming in last on two non-elimination legs and loosing all of their money (and at one point, their pants and shoes), they continued to push on and win!  I love seeing the good guys come in first every once in a while!

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