2006 05/05

In the news…

I pretty much watch Good Morning America every morning as I’m feeding Abbi her 7am bottle.  This week I heard a few pretty shocking stories:

–  Soda pop companies have agreed, in effort to appease the Anti-Obesity Council, to pull all sodas from their vending machines in elementary and middle schools (leaving water, juice, and low-fat milk).  They are also pulling all regular soda from vending machines in high schools, leaving water & diet soda.  It came out recently that scientists believe that diet sodas actually slow down our metabolism and really don’t help us loose weight.  Here’s a thought…remove soda completely and let students drink water!

–  A woman gave birth to her daughter this week a month premature.  The baby weighed in at 14 pounds!  14 pounds and the baby was a month early!  OUCH!

–  Rosie O’Donnel, former talk-show host, has accepted the offer of becoming one of the new co-hosts on The View, replacing Meredith.  Meredith will be replacing Katie Couric on The Today Show.  It’s the great network shift.  I’m not sure how I feel about Rosie joining The View.  I watch The View often and I’ll be interested to see how she changes the dynamics of the show.

And, the most shocking news of all….I cut my hair again!  I cut my very long hair a few years ago and spent a year or so with really short hair.  I really liked it but missed my long hair and how easy it is was to just pull my hair back when I didn’t have time to style it.  So, I’ve been growing my hair out and it reached just below my shoulders.  I realized last night, now that my hair was long enough to pull back, that all I did with my hair was pull it back.  What was the point?  Chop it off, that’s what I told my stylist last night and she did.  Now my hair is about chin length in a fun sassy style with some fun new color.  I’m sure I’ll want to grow it out again in a month!  Yup, I’m a female and it’s my prerogative to change my mind all the time!

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