2006 25/05

It’s about time

Just shy of turning six months old and she finally rolls over!  Of course no one actually saw the big event.  Last night I put her to bed on her belly (yes, she sleeps on her belly…save the “tisk, tisks”) and, to my surprise, she was on her back when I went to get her out of her crib.  So, unless the kittens jumped up into her crib and gave her a shove, she rolled over all on her own.  I was so happy to see that she had finally decided to roll over that I almost had forgotten that she was up, yet again, at 5:30am.  I’m not sure when she will do it again.  Like I said before, the kid just doesn’t have any ambition to roll over.  She’s pretty content just staying on her belly or her back.  She has decided to start scooting around though.  She spins in circles, scoots backwards, and inches forward to try to get her toys or the kittens.  I think she will definitely be keeping me and the kittens busy this summer!

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