2006 04/05

Reality TV Addicts Annonymous

Anyone have their phone number?

I refrain from writing about reality TV and my total addiction to it, in hopes of not sounding too pathetic.  But, I am a freak and find myself sucked in to the realm of Reality TV.  Ok, let’s be honest….I find myself sucked in to the realm of TV, Reality or not!!  I have certain shows that I watch nearly every night, which I’m sure is making most of you double over to puke right now.  Sorry!

Last night was quite the emotional roller-coaster in the world of the prime-time line-up:
Amazing Race — Stupid MoJo & the Frat Boys went after the refreshingly funny Hippies.  In the end, after a very close foot rase, the Hippies came in last….but wait…..it was a “non-elimination round.”  YAY!!  The Hippies are still in it!

American Idol — Poor Paris was voted off (insert sad face here). I’m still not sure how Elliott is still around…and don’t get me started on how Paula has been acting completely off her rocker lately.  What is in that red plastic cup Paula? (little disclaimer here: We didn’t really watch much of Idol.  Tim was flipping between this and House — his new favorite show — when Amazing Race was on commercial.  Remember my comment about this being a pathetic addiction?)

Lost —  This is my favorite show!  I love the twists and surprises they throw in each episode.  Last night was no exception:  steamy romance between Anna Lucia & Sawyer, Hurly being his funny self, yet another connection between Jack (via Jack’s dad) to another character, and then Michael — killing Anna Lucia, shooting Libby, shooting himself!  Is he good…is he bad…has he been brain washed…does he have an ulterior motive?  They are killing me!

So, there you have it.  Hi, my name is Stacey and I’m a Reality TV addict!  How serious is this addiction….well, I’m a little bummed I have a hair appointment tonight because I will miss Survivor!  Will Terry win immunity  yet again or will he have to use his immunity idol this week?  I will be relieved when this season is over (should be wrapping up this month) so I can get some reprieve from this addiction!

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