2006 16/05

What was she thinking?

Well, Britney has put herself in the news once again.  Last month she was photographed driving her SUV with her baby on her lap in the driver’s seat.  Her excuse was that she was wanting to escape from the paparazzi.  Then there were rumors of her son taking a fall after his highchair collapsed.  Now, she has been photographed driving her Mini Cooper with her son in the back seat with his car seat facing forward.  Most states have a law stating that children under a year of age must be in a rear-facing car seat.  Nationally it is strongly suggested that children under a year of age be in a rear-facing car seat.  Apparently in California it is only a strong suggestion, not a law.

Now, part of me wants to say, “Come on Britney!  What were you thinking?  Did you not take any sort of parenting class or read any parenting books?  Are you sure you should be having another child?” And then there is a part of me who completely understands.  Being a first time mom myself, I know that mistakes can be made.  Unfortunately some mistakes are more serious than others, causing harm to the child.  I’m just thankful that I do not have a group of photographers following me around trying to catch my every flaw and mistake on film.  However, as much as I understand that mistakes and poor judgement can happen, you also have the responsibility, as a mother, to educate yourself on the proper and safest way to install a car seat.

Ok Britney, you’ve got two major strikes.  One more and you’re out.  I think it’s time you make a trip to Barnes & Nobel to pick up a few parenting books or call your local hospital and sit in on a parenting class.  You’ve said now that you’re no longer studying Kabala and that your baby is your religion….time to educate yourself on “your religion.”

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