2006 18/06

Daddy’s Day

Happy Father’s day to all of you fathers, grandfathers, and soon-to-be fathers!  This is Tim’s first official Father’s Day!    Above is a picture from the day Tim became a daddy!  I just love the look on Abbi’s face — “Daddy, I’m so glad to see you, it has been a rough day!”  And even today, the day of rest and spoiling for him as a father, he continues to vie for The World’s Best Dad award.  On Father’s Day, instead of sleeping in, he got up with Abbi when she awoke at 6:30 am.  After he fed and changed her, I let him crawl back in bed and I brought Abbi out in the living room to play.  So, now he is getting a little of that relaxation that he deserves today.

It is very cool for me to see how much Tim loves Abbi and wants to be a good father to her.  It is only with in the last few years that I have had a father who genuinely cares about me and tells me so.  Growing up my father treated us more like burdens on him than children whom he loved and was proud of.  I honestly cannot remember a time in my childhood that my father told me he loved me, unless he had been heavily drinking.  A few years ago my mom met this wonderful man and married him.  In just a few short years Jim has become more of a father to me than my own.  I am so thankful that he is my mom’s life, in my life, and is in Abbi’s life!  She is going to have a grandpa who will truly love and spoil her, like a good papa should!!


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