2006 14/06

Four years and counting

Today is our fourth wedding anniversary.  To celebrate we (plus Abbi) went out to dinner at a new restaurant — The Boatwerks — with our friends Tara and Scott.  Yummy food and great friends.  The best part of the ol’ anniversary: my husband got me a gift.  A spectacular gift certificate to my favorite spa so I can get a massage or wrap or pedicure or whatever I want to do to pamper myself!  Love it!  You’re probably saying to yourself, “So, he got you a gift.  What’s the big deal?”  Well, Tim’s not really a gift giving kind of a person.  At least not when it is expected.  He would rather give a gift when it is least expected and, therefore, more appreciated.  I’ve gotten used to this and no longer expect gifts for birthdays or anniversaries or holidays.  I’m ok with it because I would rather him give me a gift out of love than out of duty.  So, I was totally not expecting any type of gift today and he surprised me with getting me a gift on our anniversary!  I’m planning on using the gift certificate to get a little me time after our upcoming vacation. On a side note, I think I love my husband more today than ever.  I feel like being a father has brought out the best in him as a husband.  I love him, I love him, I LOVE HIM!

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