2006 19/06

It’s a sad, sad day

A dark cloud has found it’s way over our house!  My computer (Apple PowerBook G4) has taken a turn for the worse.  She started acting a little sick the other day but I thought it may have been one of those 24 hour bugs.  Not the case!

Last week, when I would open my computer, the screen on my laptop would appear really dark for no apparent reason (I say apparent because when it comes to computers, there is always a reason).  I would solve this small problem by putting my computer to sleep.  When I woke it back up, the screen would be fine.  Then, a day or two later, the problem progressed:  Now my screen would randomly go dark while I was working on it.  My solution — put the little baby to sleep & when it woke up, everything would be “fine.”  This appeased the laptop gods for about a day!

Now, my laptop screen is permanently in the dark.  If I sit with the sun shining on my screen, and I tilt it just right, I can just barely make out what is on my screen.  My dear hubby brought me home a monitor from work, so I am now using my laptop as a desktop.  Since my computer is no longer covered under warranty, we will need to completely replace my computer.  Ok, need might be a stretch….we need to replace my screen. However, the ol’ girl is getting old and not quite running like the well-oiled machine she once was.

You may be thinking, “What is the big deal?  Lots of people go without computers, let alone a laptop!” But I am not a lot of people, I am me and I need my laptop damn-it!  My laptop contains all of my photos, music, documents, emails, work, life!  (Yes, I have it all backed-up; learned that lesson once or twice!)  It is my connection to the outside world!  When all else fails….I always have my laptop!  And now, some cruel force wants to rob me of this machine I call my sanityWhy God? Why, I ask you?

I’m sorry, what was that?  What did you say?  This means I may, eventually, be getting a new computer….a new Mac…a new Mac Book Pro?  There is JUSTICE!! (insert the ever popular Happy Dance here)

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