2006 20/06

Justice, my ass!

If you read my last entry (the one I just posted merely minutes ago), you would notice that I ended by saying there was justice in this world.  I would like to recant that statement.  There is no justice when it comes to me and computers.  The laptop gods have shit on me!

My husband just stopped home on his lunch hour and this is what happened:  One of the guys who used to work for him just called — his iBook is completely fried (he used a random power cable to charge his computer and it fed power back into his computer….not good)!  He needs a computer right away and wondered if Tim had any extra computers available.  Tim told him that he needs to buy a new computer for their office anyhow, so he would possibly purchase a new computer (using it for install stuff and as his work computer).  In return, Tim would pass his current iBook on to his former employee.  Great deal hey?  This guy gets a computer ASAP and Tim gets a brand new laptop for his office and for him.

(Insert laptop gods shitting on me)  Yup, that means that Tim will be getting a new MacBook before I do.  Yeah, Justice, right!

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