2006 02/06

Six Months

Abbi turned six months old yesterday.  It is simply amazing how fast these past 6 months went by.  She’s doing all sort of fun things these days — rolling over (finally), scooting around, eating cereal and baby food, sitting up,  and becoming quite the comedian.  She’s also doing some not so fun things — boycotting naps!  All in all, it’s a fun time.

My dear Abigail,
I love you so much!  I hope some day you will realize how much I do love you.  Your smile and big blue eyes brighten up even my sadest of days.  I treasure every moment I spend with you because I know you will be 6 and then 16 and then 26 before I know it and you’ll be getting married and having your own babies.  I thank God for bringing you into my life.  I was meant to be your mom and I will try to do the best job I can! I love you!

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