2006 05/06

Stop and smell the roses

Have you ever thought about what your dream job would be?  If you could do anything in the world, what would you want to do?

I have lots of things that I think would be fun to do:  be one of those people who take different animals to elementary schools and teach kids about them, tend to the animals at Sea World or one of those animal parks, be a tour guide somewhere cool (I think there are more but I just can’t seem to come up with them as I write this).

My latest addition to the list is a Flower Delivery Person.  You know, the person that drives around and delivers flowers or plants to people.  I just think that would be so rewarding.  People give flowers or plants to others to cheer them up or to say thank-you, I Love You, or to just let them know they are special.  I used to get flowers a lot in high school and I loved it.  Have you ever seen the expression on someone’s face when they receive flowers.  It is one of delight and happiness.  What an amazing job to have, to bring that kind of joy to someone.  Now I’m not saying that it is a job without some frustrations but I don’t like to think about that part.

So, maybe when Abbi is grown and off to school I will get myself a part-time job delivering flowers.  Yes, some kids want to be doctors or lawyers or astronauts when they grow-up.  But me, I want to be a flower delivery person!

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