2006 09/06

The mother of all garage sales

I’m up-north right now at my grandparents’ place.  They hadn’t yet seen Abbi so I thought I would bring her up for them to meet.  My parents were also coming up to help my grandma get her stuff ready for the City-Wide Garage Sale.  Yup, that’s right…City Wide Garage Sale.  Just another little quirk of this small northern Michigan town I grew up in.

It has been fun being up here with my family though, catching up with old friends,  and seeing how the town has changed since the last time I was here.  But let’s get back on to the topic at hand.  My grandparents have so much stuff!  My grandma has been pulling stuff down from her attic for the past two weeks.  When we got here on Wednesday, she still had a lot of stuff to bring down out of the attic, the garage was FULL and she still had to go through the two sheds out back.  SO MUCH CRAP!  We spent all day Thursday going through it all, tossing the “unsellable” items, setting things up on tables, and figuring out how in the hell to price these things.  Thankfully I’ve been to a few garage sales in my day and have picked up some little tricks along the way.

Today was the first day of the sale and we did pretty well.  The weather was kind of cold but that didn’t stop those die-hard salers!  The traffic was pretty steady and most everyone bought something.  Funny thing is — they didn’t even make a dent!  Hopefully tomorrow will just be crazy busy and everything will go!  Yup, I’m slightly delusional.

On a side note, my little Abigail has done so well.  We’re staying out in my grandparents’ camper in their back yard.  Abbi’s sleeping in her pack-n-play and has had no problem going down for naps.  I was concerned because I had forgotten her little bathtub at home so she would be bathing in the sink but she liked it.  I was also worried because I wasn’t going to be able to rock her to sleep like I usually do.  Instead, I just fed her a bottle, held her for a few minutes, kissed her and laid her down in her pack-n-play, hoping she would just fall asleep.  She would fuss for about 10 minutes and then fall fast asleep.  Definitely made this trip easier for me as Tim is not here with me for this trip.  Also makes me feel a little more at ease about the Alaska trip!  Now, we’ll see how she does traveling back home tomorrow…5 hours in the car might be a bit much for the both of us!

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