2006 06/06


Trust is such an interesting thing.  There are times that we have no choice than to trust someone.  Abbi has no choice but to trust that I will feed her when she is hungry, change her when she is wet, and make sure she is safe.  Then, there are times that we must choose to trust someone.  But what are we to do when someone violates the trust that we have chosen to give to them.  Do we choose to give them our trust again?  Do we choose not to trust them?  That is the part that intrigues me.  How do you maintain a relationship with someone whom you no longer trust?  Can we even exist in relationship with each other without trust?

It amazes me that one little word, one little 5-letter word has such a huge affect on our lives.  I guess that is because we, as humans, do not love unconditionally.  Our love for each other is conditioned upon trust.  The most depressing part: One little mistake can completely destroy trust and, as a result, love.  Wow!  I am sounding like such a pessimist!

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