2006 26/07


There are quite a few things that have started to irritate me now that I am a mom — people putting their fingers in my child’s mouth; people telling me my child is fat (you can comment on her chubby cheeks but the girls in not fat); telling me I’m spoiling her because I picked […]

2006 25/07

A sneak preview

While we were in Alaska, we met with a photographer (a friend of Kevin) who took some photos of Abbi.  We were so anxious to see the photos because Heath (the photographer) used a lot of interesting angles & lighting.  He never had her pose in an certain way.  He just used whatever she was […]

2006 24/07

She no longer has a tooth

She has teeth!  Yup, the Pookes got her second tooth this weekend.  I noticed another little tooth had popped through on Friday.  That would explain why she was unbearably whiney and cranky last week.  I’m hoping, now that this tooth has poked through, that this week will go much better.  However, her bedtime will get […]

2006 20/07

I do exist

Last night I actually went out by myself!  Quick, make all the “Oh she’s so pathetic” comments you need to….done?  Good.  So, after the Pookes was in bed and Tim got home from a meeting, I went to Barnes & Nobel to pick up a few books — ALL BY MYSELF!  I really can’t recollect […]

2006 19/07

Rock the boat, don’t rock the boat baby

Please people, let’s not get so dramatic!  I understand that the cruise ship tilting 30 degrees is a scary ordeal, but let’s step back into reality.  Do you need to make comments like: “I just knew we were going to die” “I don’t know how I’ll ever get over this”  “Please people, don’t ever take […]

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