2006 26/07


There are quite a few things that have started to irritate me now that I am a mom — people putting their fingers in my child’s mouth; people telling me my child is fat (you can comment on her chubby cheeks but the girls in not fat); telling me I’m spoiling her because I picked her up after she fell.  This is #382:

Here is the scenario:  We (meaning Tim, myself, and the Pookes) are out in some sort of public setting.  The Pookes is getting tired because it is her nap time or bed time.  She begins to get restless, not wanting to sit still in fear that she may fall asleep.  This makes it difficult to hold her or have her sit in a high-chair or her stroller.

The irritation:  The people around us begin to comment, “Well, if she’s tired then why doesn’t she just go to sleep?”  Ok, how many kids do you know (reminder, she’s only 7 months old) that will just lay down in their stroller in a group of 12 people talking and laughing and just go to sleep with no fight?  Very few.  As a matter of fact, no matter how tired I am, I can’t just fall asleep in a chair with a group of people talking and laughing around me.  Maybe I’m just completely off base but I really don’t blame the girl for not being able to just fall asleep.  Now, there are those rare times that she will fall asleep:  when we are in the car or I take her aside and get her to fall asleep away from all of the noise.  The kid is a people person and does not want to miss out.

So people, the next time you make that comment, I’ll glad show up at your house with 10 of my friends when you’re ready to go to bed and we’ll have a good ol’ time laughing and talking next to your bed.  You shouldn’t mind.

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