2006 19/07

Rock the boat, don’t rock the boat baby

Please people, let’s not get so dramatic!  I understand that the cruise ship tilting 30 degrees is a scary ordeal, but let’s step back into reality.  Do you need to make comments like: “I just knew we were going to die” “I don’t know how I’ll ever get over this”  “Please people, don’t ever take a cruise!”  Again, I understand that you were scared but let’s look at this rationally.  How many planes crash or have pretty rough landings each year.  Would you tell people to never fly because you once had a rough landing?  Or would you boycott cars after you were in a crash?  When it comes to transportation, things happen.  Planes hit turbulence, cars skid out, and boats, on occasion, get rocked by waves.  It happens.  If you don’t want to get on a cruise ship again, that’s fine, but don’t go on national TV and send out a plea to the general public not to get on a cruise ship.  I’ve been on a cruise and, baby, sign me up for another!  While on our cruise, we hit a pretty rough storm where our bathroom flooded (because Tim was in the shower at the time) and dishes crashed to the floor in the dining room.  With that said, it is a small price to pay for all of the yummy, free-flowing food, alcohol, and sun!

On the home-front:
I officially have bald spots from pulling my hair out!  This week has been a little slice of Hell.  The Pookes has boycotted naps.  Since birth she’s had a tendency to fight sleep but this week has brought new meaning to the phrase “fighting sleep”.   I pray that it is a phase…a short phase.  I really do like hair and am not ready to go bald.  Although….wearing a wig could give me more options for styles, lengths, and colors!

The Pookes has also kicked it into high speed.  She is crawling everywhere!  Of course she feels the need to crawl under tables, chairs, and her exersaucer where she bumps her head, gets frustrated, and cries.  I explain to her why she shouldn’t do that, but, the minute I put her down on the floor, she bee-lines it to any table or chair within her sights.  The best part of her crawling is that she is chasing the kittens.  It’s quite comical!

So, my saving grace today — watching the neighbor’s dog trying to chase his tail while wearing one of those head halo things.  You know, those cones they put around their necks so they can’t chew or lick a wound or stitches.  I know, I’m heartless.  “Oh that poor dog.  He was probably hurting or miserable.”  Well, I thought it was pretty damn funny and, when you’re dealing with a fussy baby all day, you will take comic relief when and where you get it!

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