2006 13/07

The next stage

Abbi’s officially on the move now.  She has figured out how to move forward, although it’s not technically crawling.  She gets a good crawl in there every once in a while, but mostly it’s flopping and pulling herself forward as her belly drags on the floor.  She really likes vinyl, tile, and wood floors because she gets to hear her hands smack the floor as she tries to move forward.

We also have to lower her mattress in her crib now because she has learned to go from her belly to sitting up and from sitting up to pulling up to a standing position.  So, before she learns how to stand on her crib bumper and launch herself out of the crib, we’re going to be proactive and lower the mattress.  I’m sure my husband thinks I’m paranoid, but this kid is so sneaky!  I’m sure she’s trying to figure out a way to tie her blanket and Gus (lovey) together to create a rope to crawl out of the crib.

I also need to start looking at baby gates for our stairs.  Right now she’s still pretty manageable and doesn’t move too fast, but tomorrow this kid could be cruising past me.   I don’t know how it happened….one day (literally) I was coaching her to roll over and now I’m begging her to slow down.  But I was warned about this…the whole growing up too fast thing, WOW, so true!

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