2006 14/07

Welcome the new addition

I just love to hear the pitter-patter of a new hard drive!  Yup fans, that’s right!  I have a new MacBook Pro!!!!  My parents (bless them, bless them, bless them) bought me a refurbished MacBook Pro for my birthday/Christmas/they just love me!  I was so pumped to see the box sitting on my doorstep this afternoon.  I was a little shocked that FedEx left it on my doorstep without any type of signature, but super happy just the same.  I would have been so upset if I would have come home to find one of those “we tried to deliver” slips on my door.

The best part….I thought I would be spending all weekend transferring all of my old files and programs from my PowerBook to my MBP.  Oh me of little faith!  Apple has taken that fear into consideration and set it up that you have the choice to transfer everything from your old computer to your new one.  It took about an hour and it is like I never even switched computers (except that this one is newer & faster).  Now I get to spend the weekend just marveling at the speed of this baby, since Tim is leaving the Pookes and I so he can go hiking with Rusty and his two boys.  Actually it will be fun because Brenda and I are going to hang here, with the Pookes of course, and just have a girls weekend (and marvel over my computer!).

So, huge shout out to the parents!  I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!

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