2006 31/08

The end of Summer

Yesterday was the last day of our Summer Session of Kindermusik — Sing & Sign.  It’s always fun to take a class at Kindermusik because it gives Abbi some time with other kids near her age and me some time with other moms.  Unfortunately we will not be taking a class this fall.  I think […]

2006 23/08

Bartender, make mine a double

I’m happy to know that her unsettledness and waking up at random times during the night crying, has not all been for nothing.  I noticed yesterday that her top two teeth have broke the surface.  I’m glad that she got both of these teeth at the same time (I’m not sure if that is typical […]

2006 18/08

It’s just been one of those days

Thank you Lord it is Friday…only because tomorrow is Saturday!  It has just been a very Grrr! Blah! day.  Our power went out at 9:30 this morning so that meant no tv, no music for Abbi to nap to, no computer, and no air conditioning!  All because some tool crashed into the entrance of our […]

2006 14/08

Monday Monday

Well, it was another busy weekend for us.  We spent the entire day Saturday at one of our investment properties (“the 15th Street House”) cleaning up the landscaping from weeks of neglect and touching up some things we had not yet done.  This house should have technically been sold already but, and I’ll refrain from […]

2006 12/08

8 Months

Abbi turned 8 months old yesterday!  It is amazing how she has gone from this little immobile baby blob to this little girl on the move. She is crawling everywhere and pulling herself up on anything and everything!  I’m finding myself saying, “Abbi, no” quite a bit.  I’m also noticing how non-babyproof our house is […]

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