2006 23/08

Bartender, make mine a double

I’m happy to know that her unsettledness and waking up at random times during the night crying, has not all been for nothing.  I noticed yesterday that her top two teeth have broke the surface.  I’m glad that she got both of these teeth at the same time (I’m not sure if that is typical or not) because I’d rather go through one week of bad teething pain than two or three weeks of minor teething pain.  I don’t know if Abbi feels the same way but when I say “teething pain”  I really mean the pain it causes me.  Yup, I’m selfish.  I would rather go through a week of intense whining, neediness, sleeplessness, and restlessness than two weeks of sparatic (insert aforementioned actions).

Other than the teething this has been a pretty fun age.  She follows me around the house when I’m cleaning (I do actually clean, despite how my house looks on a daily basis) and she actually listens when I tell her stuff….now whether she actually obeys is another thing.

On a side note…a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to our friends, Jeremy & Tricia Luhmann who gave birth to their second daughter over the weekend — Olivia.  I’m really hoping we can stop over there this evening to see them.  Yeah!  Babies!!!

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