2006 14/08

Monday Monday

Well, it was another busy weekend for us.  We spent the entire day Saturday at one of our investment properties (“the 15th Street House”) cleaning up the landscaping from weeks of neglect and touching up some things we had not yet done.  This house should have technically been sold already but, and I’ll refrain from getting too mean, the punk who has been stringing us along for 2 months has backed out.   That was probably the nicest I’ve put it yet.  I had a feeling he was going to back out from the first time he needed us to extend the purchase agreement.  My husband was nice enough to extend it for him because the guy’s credit score was just a point or two too low to get the mortgage.  So, we held the house for him so he could get his credit score up and purchase it from him.  Well, now he has some other lame excuse on why he can’t/doesn’t want to buy it.  So, back to the drawing board.

We’re actually having the pool professionally emptied and cleaned this week and putting it up for sale with a realtor next week.  We (Tim, Brenda, Rusty, and myself) spent Saturday cleaning up the overgrown landscaping, adding some new bushes & flowers, and painting the multiple deck areas.  It looks really good now!  Part of me wouldn’t be totally opposed to moving in there and living their ourselves, but then we would need to sell our condo and, quite frankly, I have no desire to pack all of our stuff up and move right now.  Call it laziness, call it being smart….I just don’t think I really want to take it on.

Yesterday, after Tim went to the 15th Street House for a few hours and I laid in the sun reading, we took Abbi to the park for really the first time this summer.  She’s really too small to enjoy most of the playground equipment but she loved the baby swings.  No fear what-so-ever.  After a minute or two of sitting in the swing with little pushes, she began squealing in delight as Tim pushed her as high as the swing would go.  It was pretty cool.  Good family time for the three of us!

Well, that concludes the weekend happenings.  Not it’s the start of another week with nothing really big planned.  We’re having dinner with some friends of Tim from Ann Arbor and Tim has a few more things to finish up at the 15th Street House.  Other than that, I may go get a massage or therapeutic wrap one of these nights this week.  Tim bought me a gift certificate to the spa for our Anniversary that I have yet to use.  Yup, I think I should have a little Stacey Spoiling time this week!!

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